A lot of our work is fashion photography, but we had the chance to photograph for a little company you may know as Beats by Dre. This turns out one of the funnest projects to work on, hands down.

Beats was creating a new campaign that launched during the fall. We ended up shooting stills as well as video so that they could put together some commercials for their “#B” campaign. The images needed to be simple because after the campaign launched they would have a contest asking the public to send copycat photos. The essence we were capturing was that of the snapshots you capture when your with your friends, at a house party, or going wild in a club. The winners were then flown from around the world to the states and shot for new commercial.

The idea was simple, create a party environment, bang out some dance music, then take some photos. Couldn’t work out any better. Here are a few shots of musicians Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Porcelain Black with her husband/model Bradley Soileau, and Birdman himself – Bryan Williams. In the end there was a lot of singing along, a lot of dancing, screaming, laughing, and happiness.  Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

As a bonus Ryu got a spot on the commercial announcing the contest in October. Leave it to him to get in the action! You can see him drop the beat 9 seconds into the video:

Tyga wearing Beats by Dre Guda Gudda wearing Beats by Dre Porcelain Black and Bradley Soileau wearing Beats by Dre Birdman, Bryan Williams wearing Beats by Dre