We were looking around getting some inspiration for some other shoot. I can’t really recall what it was, but we came across this image and something just clicked. There was something about the cold, the blues, and the way that the light interacted with the different tones of the glitter that really drew us in. There’s been a trend this past year that included a lot of use of glitter on models, but we never really got a chance to participate and eye are aching to shoot this theme.


I think that we would end up shooting it as a beauty story, concentrating on make up and close-ups and poses and drama. we have a few ideas as to who could actually pull off the make up, and at the moment we’re lurking on model agency sites to pick an appropriate model. As far as we can see everybody tends to work with slicked back hair, but I think that we might be able to pull up sending you. Something different. Maybe we would work with updos, or maybe it’s about adding statement pieces of the head, a dramatic headpiece? What do you think?


So what’s the story? Maybe we set the story in a dark void with a glittering beauty leading us towards the light? Perhaps our girl is being drowned by a shimmering creature. A representation of our lust for vanity in the modern world. In any case, we’re excited to work on something like this or to see your own interpretations of these visions.

Take care!