Here is a glimpse into how we went about making this hotel fashion photoshoot work out.  It’s always nice to have a story to play off of.  It helps your visual mind create scenes, atmosphere, and a theme.

She enters her hotel room quietly, and makes her way to a window. The silence in stark contrast to the Los Angeles landscape before her. Thick fog has descended on the city, typical. She turns, glancing at two empty beds. Here, she’ll wait. She removes a Beretta from her suitcase.

Hotel Fashion Story 1

We wanted a blonde for this shoot.  Someone who we thought could demonstrate a range of emotions. Innocence, anger and everything in between. Our model came in to fill that role. She was amazing.  One second she is this bubbly cute girl, but in the blink of an eye she becomes beautiful, cold, and mysterious.

The approach we took for the shoot was done in a different fashion.  Rather than be cold and calculating in a studio we opted to use a hotel room: something confining. Miki and I had checked out the room the day before, studying the light and discussing how the story would unfold within the scene. Ideas and concepts have a way of attaching themselves deep inside of you, but always keep them in check.  If you get to a location, explore, let go of any planned shots and ideas for a moment and absorb the environment.  If a great idea pops into your head, tell somebody. Sometimes it’s worth the risk.

Hotel Fashion Story 2

The majority of the photoshoot was shot with a 35mm or 50mm lenses, however we did go longer for a couple of shots as well.  35/50mm works very well for keeping the images personal, we wanted to keep the viewer involved within the scene and traverse the line between voyeur and participant.

Hotel Fashion Story 3 Hotel Fashion Story 4 Hotel Fashion Story 6 Hotel Fashion Story 7 Hotel Fashion Story 8 Hotel Fashion Story 9