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Daniel Patrick streetwear shies away from the clean-cut street trends. The draping of the silhouettes and the liberal use of grungy raw edges help create the Daniel Patrick aesthetic. Maybe it’s because Daniel Patrick comes from Australia, or maybe that his background is rooted in rugby. I don’t know, but I’m glad that the brand has decided to rough up the street wear scene.

The Daniel Patrick team is dedicated to their core basics collection, Knomadik, making it the go to location to start building the fundamentals of your modern menswear collection. They have a deep collection of different tees and tanks, which are broken up into different styles, colors, and lengths for all of you layering aficionados. If you’re on the lookout for a statement pieces, look into their self-titled Daniel Patrick collection. Here you’ll find a ton of leather to fest your eyes on, and some of the sickest jackets you can add to your wardrobe.


Daniel Patrick Shield Sweater


Daniel Patrick Shield Hoodie II


Daniel Patrick Hero T-Shirt


They also present a strong collection of harem and kilted (is that the technical term? haha) bottoms. I personally love these French terry and leather shorts. There is one problem that seems to be consistent among most kilted (skirted? Seriously, I need someone to school me on terminology). Anyway, kilts/skirted panels are never removable. Now this isn’t an issue exclusive to Daniel Patrick. You can go to Skingraft or hit up Fear of God and Rick Owens and you’ll be on the same boat. I’ve only found one piece from Rick Owens that let me change it up. Sometimes the kilts interfere with the silhouette or style, so it would be nice to have the functionality to change it up. I’m a technology kid, so I’m used to having things be customizable, you know? Here is an absstract image taken at their store of one of their concrete benches, arty, I know:


Daniel Patrick Scarf and Concrete Bench


You’ll have to note that they have forgone the traditional concept of seasonal collections. Their development and manufacturing process allows them to produce new pieces under a very quick turnaround. This makes it so that the creative process is a journey throughout the year, and also helps Patrick design on the fly whenever he is inspired. Now, I don’t want you to think that this is a fast fashion concept. Their quick turnaround facilitates the creative process and gives them an edge in distributing their pieces to their stockists, which includes Traffic, and H Lorenzo.


Daniel PatrickT-Shirt


Their own massive flagship store reminds me of an art exhibit. It’s a large open space, with the racks exclusively living against the walls at your sides. You should check out the store, at the very minimum to check out the in-store-only orange tees. Didn’t pick one up on my last trip there, but I can feel them calling out to me as I write this post! You need some color in your soul you know? All day, everyday cannot be all black everything. Quick shout out to Ross, who manages the the store and the brand with Daniel Patrick. He’s has a great creative energy and is always extremely helpful. Must have pieces include any of their Knomadik tees and tanks, the satin Hero Bomber jacket (coming in black and white colorway this fall, yes!), Hero (kilted) Leather pants, Shield Sweat, and Roaming Jogger shorts.

Check out Daniel Patrick streetwear gear here: danielpatrick.net


Daniel Patrick Textile Shears


Daniel Patrick Streetwear


Daniel Patrick Bowery Vest


Daniel Patrick Satin Bomber Jackets