New Fashion DesignersNew fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs, here is some extremely sound business advice.  When you look to start your brand, look around and ask yourself: is my brand unique?

This past weekend we attended Unique LA, expecting to find a ton of new ideas, silhouettes, and inspiration.  Instead, we’re forced to present this blog post.  How was Unique LA?  Well, read these tips and I’m pretty sure you’ll get it.

1. Be Original:

Seriously, come up with a new idea, a new silhouette, a new fabric, and a new way to create fashion.  You have to see the business from the buyers perspective.  How do you think they feel looking at 25 different brands using the same material, the same way, in the same style?  You’re vying for floor space, and they don’t give a fuck if you have passion and only passion.  They care that the clothes sell.

I understand loyalty to a genre and to a specific culture, but if you are trying to be successful making boring rip-offs from other brands, then send them your applications and get a desk job. Damn.

2. Sustainability is a feature, it can’t seal the deal:

Yes, green is a thing.  No one wants the world to implode on itself and consume us all in a  beautiful cataclysmic explosion of our own creation.  Everyone gets this, and that is your problem.  There was a time where being sustainable and having a low impact on the planet would guarantee the sale of goods.  But now everybody and their mothers are doing it. Great for the environment. Bad for your narcissistic reasoning that because what you are doing is environmentally friendly, you will automatically be a successful free-thinking designer.

So, add new features, market the benefits, and push some boundaries.  It felt like everyone at the show was touting recycling, upcycling, and sustainability as the end all be all reason to grab there product.  Get over it, you are not special.  I’ll get to features and benefits one day, just wait.

3. Time = Change:

How are some of you making the same exact things that I saw you making in 2010?  It wasn’t apparent that fashion changes?  Oh right, your entitled, got it.  Your a design god and your pieces are timeless. Great, now what happens when your customer evolve as the competition changes their pieces and influences their taste? Not so timeless anymore right? Or you’re just selling to the “I Got It At Ross” crowd who doesn’t really have any style either. OOPS.